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CloudLogistix is an AppExchange partner in addition to our consulting services.  Check out our published solutions available to make your life easier, your environment richer, and the best part ... they're free. Our solutions have been installed in clients all over the world.









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Need a way to quickly and easily track requests for changes to your CRM system? What about to your IT environment. ChangeIT! Is a simple way to store and prioritize those requests and track their progress. You can even track the types of changes and measure responsiveness.

Click here to test drive/install ChangeIt!

Website feeds and list imports can easily create noise in your CRM system. This creates frustration with Telesales/Sales teams as they have to filter thru these bogus lead elements. CleanIT! Is a self-learning spam filter for leads. You can set it up to automatically filter certain bad data elements (i.e. Company Names, Titles, Domains) and allow the sales team to identify ones that should be junk so that in the future they are filtered automatically.

Click here to test drive/install JunkIt!

TrainIt! is everything you need to get going on tracking any training curriculum for your products and/or services. TrainIt! consists of the ability to track Courses, Instructors, Certifications, Locations, Classes and Attendees.


Integrated solution that allows enterprises to create a scoring system on any object. This allows you to measure the quality of the data elements of the object as well as measuring related elements. Any child object can be scored and that score carried to the parent. This unique combination of both data and behavioral scoring allows you to properly evaluate the completeness of any record.

Tired of maintaining assignment rules. For larger sales organizations/teams, these can be complex to create and maintain. The only way to maintain them is thru the user interface which can be tiresome and time-consuming. CloudRoute! is a rules-based solution that allows you to more easily create and maintain routing rules without the limitations of the interface.



Custom Solutions

In addition to our own developed solutions, we've had the unique pleasure of significantly enhancing our clients solutions with additional features and functionality built on a strong cloud platform.  Some examples of these customized solutions are:









Customized Sidebar for Salesforce.com.  Quick access to key Sales/Marketing information at any time from any screen.  Easily see leads, and pipeline information while working on any screen.


Customized pipeline management solution.  Why have to dig for key deal information.  Have all your pipeline information in one place, be able to make quick changes easily, easily report on your pipeline from a myriad of ways.  For management, be able to easily see the same information on any user at the same time they are.  Get everyone talking the same language.

Customized forecast solution.  Easily breakdown your forecasts by type of business, by geography.  Easily view the forecast as any user. Tied in with weekly analytic snapshots, see how the forecast is changing from week-to-week.


Dashboards getting you down.  20 elements on a dashboard doesn't really give you a complete overview of everything going on in your business.  Be the CEO of your own patch.  Be able to see everything from Leads, to Accounts, to Opportunities, to Order Processing, Commissions, and Support information all from one screen.  As a manager, see the same thing on anyone that reports to you.




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