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Moving to the cloud is easy. But without proper planning, you can create an unwieldy environment that people don’t want to use, is polluted with bad data, and is not meeting the needs of the business. As is true with any information systems deployment, you need to plan it out correctly. We take a look at any current environment you have today (Systems, Data, Tools, Processes and People).

We take into account as much of your business processes as you want to address. You are involved throughout the process in helping to goals/objectives, pain points, and plans.

We develop a comprehensive analysis and a set of prioritized recommendations for achieving a successful implementation  Once we complete this phase, we work with you on what recommendations you want to implement yourself and which ones you want our support on. We move as fast or as slow as you want to go.

But here’s where we differ. We’ve been in your shoes before. We’ve walked the walk, we’ve talked the talk. As former executives having run Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Support and IT/IS – we know what it is like and we know what you need to accomplish. We do it quickly, efficiently and we are always looking out for your future.

Typical Assessment Items:

  • Business Processes
  • Business Rules
  • Growth Projections/Plans
  • Data Structures/Object Model
  • Data Quality
  • Communications
  • Integrations
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Security Policies & Access Models
  • Code Review/Enhancements
  • User Experience
  • User Training/Expertise
  • Support Resources
  • Administrative Resources (People, Tools)



Architecture & Design


The Cloud is easy to use. No hardware, no software. You simply sign-up for it and you’re off-and-running. This is where most companies get it wrong. And over time, the Cloud Application you are using becomes unusable. Whether it’s bad data, incomplete data, or just the concepts of trying to make your business fit someone else’s idea of what your processes should be makes the systems an irritant to your users.

We strongly believe as is true with any system, you must plan and design it first. Spending the time figuring out how your processes need to be and then designing solutions to meet those needs is more important than any other aspect of your implementation.

We also know that no design is perfect, so we work with you to design solutions that are adaptable. Your business process changes – you need to have solutions that can grow and adopt with you – quickly and easily.

As former executives having run Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Support and IT/IS – we know what you’re going thru with trying to manage your various business functions. We know what you need. We’re not a typical consultant or developer that you need to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. And we offer recommendations on how to manage your function even better whether it’s a Marketing process, a Sales/Pipeline process or a Support process.

Our clients find our greatest strength is being able to bounce ideas off of each other and developing solutions that help them manage their business the most efficiently and effectively.


Agile Implementation


From Project Managing with our Agile Delivery methodology to complete ownership of the tasks at hand we deliver your tasks on-time and on-budget.

We do incremental roll-outs to speed adoption, provide comprehensive training services and continue to provide support after the long after the deployment. We offer a phased-approach that combines structured project planning along with the incremental implementation of features to get users going immediately. Our projects typically involve 4 phases – Data, Reporting, Integration, Enhancements.

The Data phase is all about getting users using the system. There is no point in reporting on bad or missing data. So we work on the features necessary for people to be functional from day one.

The Reporting phase is all about support management with decision making and also looking for areas of improvement in the features/functionality.

The Integration phase is all about driving towards the 360 degree view of your business. Working with any other systems (ERP, Website/eCommerce, etc.) to provide cohesive, seemless access to all data to support your entire business model

The Enhancements phase is on-going and takes into account all the things learned in the other phases and working out the best refinements to keep growing the benefits from your systems and processes.

We are your long-term partner in ensuring your success time and time again.

We also know what it’s like to try and get people to use any information system. Management usually makes it an edict, users usually follow suit begrudgingly. We take a different approach.

We try to make the system something of tremendous value for the users to make their jobs easier. By engaging them, by making them win with using the systems, management gets what they need as a by-product.

And where do we differ? We’ve been in your shoes before. We’ve walked the walk, we’ve talked the talk. As former executives having run Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Support and IT/IS – we know what it is like and we know what you need to accomplish. We do it quickly, efficiently and we are always looking out for your future.



Integration Services

CRM is not your only system in completing a 360 degree view of your business. We provide services to work with you in interconnecting the flow of data between any systems you’re using to complete that picture whether it be an ERP system, your website, engineering systems, etc.

Whether you’re integrating with other Cloud-based applications or to your legacy (Dirt) systems, we work with you to ensure a smooth integration.

We know what it’s like to have islands of information and not being able to correlate any of that information with each other.




Cloud Technologies are great platforms for building customized applications and extensions to existing applications in order to create one environment giving you 360 degree views of information about your business whether it's touching customers, business partners, or other internal systems.

CloudLogistix has extended cloud computing platforms with very advanced functionality ranging from Business Analytics from multiple sources, to customized sales pipeline and forecasting solutions, to customized quote and order processing applications, to time and expense tracking solutions.

We're not just consultants, we're not just developers.  We bridge both worlds having the business knowledge and the technical expertise.




Unlike other Integrators/Consultants/Implementers, our engagement doesn’t stop once the system(s) are turned on. We are there with you for the long-term.

Because of our belief in Agile implementations, we know that 75% of the work comes after people start using the system.
We know that there are always opportunities for improvement and enhancement and we are there with you, providing recommendations and implementing best-in-class ideas and solutions to continue to grow your environment.

We also can be your virtual administration should you need it. Need help adding a field, creating a report, updating data, building a workflow? We offer per-incident support, a monthly bucket of hours, or per-user pricing for remote support of your Cloud environment.





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